LARPD #426 Big Trees Park playground renovation – Step 1
LARPD #508 May Nissen Park playground renovation
LARPD #706 Pleasure Island Park playground renovation
Community outreach meetings were held in April to help us scope and define the work that needs to be done to update and renovate these playgrounds.  Following the community outreach meetings, we will be meeting with parks maintenance and programs/operations staff for their input.  Concept plans and preliminary budgets are scheduled to be completed by June 30, for review and approval by the Board of Directors. Project updates can be found at 2016 Playgrounds Renovation Projects.

LARPD #447 Garaventa Wetlands Improvements – Step 2
The Board of Directors adopted a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Project on March 16, 2016.  The LWCF (Land and Water Conservation Fund) grant application is currently under review by State Office of Grants and Local Services.  Zone 7 Water Agency has confirmed its strong support of this project to ensure public access to the Preserve via its maintenance road from the Altamont Creek Park pedestrian bridge.  More project information can be found at Garaventa Wetlands Preserve Project.

LARPD #332  May Nissen Swim Center Improvements – Step 3
The existing concrete floor at the Swim Center is to be removed and replaced with a new non-slip surface.

LARPD #442   Robert Livermore Community Center Pool Deck Replacement – Step 3
Fifty-percent engineering plans from the consultant have been received and have been sent back with comments for revision.

LARPD #021  Sycamore Grove NEF (Nature Education Facilities) Grant – Step 3
The final phase of this project entails the completion of the entry kiosk area and the gathering area near the native plants garden.  The Native Plants Garden is now open to the public and visitors can check out the new animal rubbing plates along the pathway.


Planning Projects in Progress

  • LARPD #328  District Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan Update – Step 2